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Next Generation

The craftsmanship that makes the Knabe the World's Best Piano is not the acquisition of one generation, but a pedigree of skills that have run through more than three hundred years. Not merely by the masters of this great industry, but in the families of employees where sons have succeeded fathers at the head of some particular branch of the art, and who in great part have suggested improvements where possible.

Making a great grand piano starts with the determination to not compromise in any aspect of the design, materials and craftsmanship. Through the years since its inception, the piano has been technically refined to the point of near perfection. There are time honored design features and specific materials that are known to produce the finest musical results. Some components are ideally made of spruce while others require maple or hornbeam. Crafting a fine piano like the Knabe must be done by the hands of skilled and experienced craftsmen.

The Knabe Piano story begins two hundred years ago in the village of Kreutzberg, Germany, with the birth of Wilhelm Knabe in 1803. After a formal education to prepare him for a professional career, he decided to apprentice himself to a German maker of pianofortes and develop the art of piano-making.

Through the years Wm. Knabe has been a part of the American Piano Company, Aeolian Corporation, Mason Hamlin, and now is the premium piano for of one of the world's largest musical instrument manufacturers, Samick Musical Instruments, Ltd.


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