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Kiki Lieow

Phone: 925-366-8786

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Kiki Lieow received her primary background in the art of keyboard teaching from the following renowned pianists:

  • The Royal College of Music lecturers, Sheila Randell and Robert Husson;
  • Japan NHK esteemed pianist, Madam Yoko Higuchi;
  • Berkeley College of Music's Wilson Tan.

Ms. Lieow has over 33 years of teaching experience and has participated in numerous piano teaching workshops on piano pedagogy. She has also worked with group children’s classes for the Yamaha Young Musician Program after completing Yamaha’s own rigorous training program. Her passion for piano teaching has continuously inspired her to excel in her teaching skills, especially with regard to young children.

She believes that the art of learning music goes far beyond mere “music education”: Learning to play the piano, and the study of music in general, provides stimulation to the brain!. It improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children! The extraordinary benefits of this learned skill carry into adulthood. And let’s not forget that playing the piano well adds beauty to the world!

Kiki Lieow offers piano lessons to students starting from as young as 4 years old. She tailors piano lessons to suit each individual student’s needs. Her style of teaching is creative, fun, and inspiring. She can teach, and is fluent in, six different languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay and Japanese.

Miss Kiki says, “ I enjoy working with students of all age levels. I have inspired many of my students; many of them have gone on to major conservatories, achieved success and are happily attached to major orchestras, and ensembles or have become soloists. Other students simply enjoy learning piano through my fun and creative approach…..”

What will students learn?

They will learn 1) piano technique, 2) music theory, 3) ear training, 4) scales, 5) reading music, 6) proper fingering, 7) good posture, 8) effective practicing techniques, 9) songs and pieces they will love to play, and much more. . Students will also play duets, and learn ensemble playing when preparing for their yearly student recital.

Kiki Lieow was born in Malaysia. She has also lived and studied music in Japan for five years. She and her family now live in Pleasant Hill, California.

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