PianoDisc Player Systems

Bring your piano to life with PianoDisc – the world’s leading manufacturer of player piano systems. With the push of a button, you can entertain guests with music by your favorite artists or even watch their performance in sync with your TV! Today, this modern day player system can be found in homes, hotels, restaurants, music schools, and recording studios across the world.

IQ Player System

PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ allows you to control your piano from iOS devices, Android devices, MP3 devices, and other music playback devices. The iQ player system is easy to operate with no visible electronics mounted on the piano. With one of the largest music libraries in the world so you can pick from an incredible selection of popular movie soundtracks, musicals, and artists such as Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Norah Jones, The Beatles, Elvis, Sara Bareilles, David Benoit, and many more! iQ even has the ability to play your piano via DVD players so you can experience what it’s like to have these artists in your very own living room. PianoVideo is delivered in Standard or High Definition Blu-Ray video. Talk to one of our experts to see if your piano can be retrofitted with a PianoDisc player system.